Losing Faith

Have I lost you?
Did I say something wrong?
Was I cruel?
I feel a distance
Growing wide
What did I do?
Tell me now,
Show me how
I can get back to you.
Losing faith
From birth to grave.
I cannot make it through
My life is death without you....
I thought I saw a spark
In your eyes yesterday
I know you don't understand
Where I am
Where will we go?
Tell me now...
Show me how...
I can get back to you!
There you are,
With all your scars.
Look what I put you through
Now I cannot breathe without you...
I know we'll be
Together someday.
You and me
Forever this way.
You and me, baby.

Det jag ångrar mest av allt är det jag gjorde mot dig.


Postat av: Loverboy

The time is past. Shit happen.

Lär dig av misstagen, för vill inte vara med om de igen. Älskar dig jätte mycket <3

2010-03-15 @ 22:57:35
Postat av: Anonym

what did u do o.O

2010-03-16 @ 09:17:40

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